The Immersive Learning in Extended Reality (ILXR) Lab is a multidisciplinary platform to explore the possibilities of student-designed immersive digital experiences that drive student success at FIU. Collaborating areas at the University include the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences, the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, the Institute of Environment, and the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts. Housed in FIU’s Tech Station, the lab has been supported by a generous donation from HP.



In December 2022, the (ILXR) Lab hosted one of the first conferences and workshops to explore technology, identity, belonging, learning, work, and community issues. Opened by the FIU Provost and supported by HP, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the FIU Office of Academic and Student Affairs, The College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts, and The Knight Foundation School of Computer and Information Sciences, this event supported reflection upon and informed the future of higher education in light of innovations in XR techn0logies.


12/4/22–12/6/22 @ FIU Tech Station

The Inclusive Campus of the Future: DEI, Extended Reality and Student Success in Minority-Serving Institutions.

Students using VR equipment in the lab

Students collaborating in immersive VR in the ILXR

Using interface inside Extended Reality

COMMUNITY VR: An immersive 1st year experience.

FIU convened influential thinkers for one of the first conferences/workshops to collectively address this unique group of thought areas in higher education—the combination of which will reshape the future of higher education and technology.

The conference and workshop explored how diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts develop a sense of belonging, and respond to enhanced understandings of identity made possible through new technologies and learning environments.

The conference examined how extended reality (virtual reality, augmented reality, and other digital tools) can reshape higher educational environments and support student acquisition of necessary 21C skills to support their success.

With the United States on the way to becoming a country with the majority of its citizens identifying as being from minority groups by 2045, the conference looked at how equity-serving institutions today can prepare students for future opportunities and growth.

Image of diverse students talking in tech station

FIU Tech Station


Photos from Sunday, 12/4/22, may be found in this Flickr account, and please find photos here and here from the conference on Monday, 12/5/22, and Tuesday, 12/6/22.


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Conference testimonials


“Just incredible. Brilliant even. I am feeling so energized!”


“So many brilliant ideas. I am excited about using them to inform and improve my classes.”


It was an amazing and important conference; thank you so much for the invitation, and for allowing me to experience this work.”


“I would welcome an annual convening of this type to continue to build a community of practice and advance the thinking and actions around DEI in technology.”


“This event has helped me do my job better in the [tech] industry by giving me a safe space to listen to the common challenges and understanding new ones outside of our own norms and given me a deeper understanding of how to be more inclusive.”



Conference Organizers
Role Affiliation
Biayna Bogosian Conference co-organizer and moderator FIU
Jennifer Gebelein Conference co-organizer and moderator FIU
Steve Luis Conference co-organizer, moderator, and workshop coordinator FIU
John Stuart Conference co-organizer and moderator FIU


Agenda FIU Locations Key with links: Tech Station (TS-PG6); MARC Pavilion Conference Hall 290 (MP); Frost Art Museum (FAM)
Dates Times Events, intended speakers and panelists (with links), and locations
Where are

we starting?

Sunday, Dec. 4, 2022 5 PM Conference Registration (MP)
5:15 PM Stuart Candy, The Thing from the Future 1, (MP)
6 PM Group Dinner (FC)
7 PM Keynote Speaker:  Emilia Yang (U Michigan) “XR for Collectivizing Memory in the Search for Justice” (MP)
Video Archive   Link to Video of Stuart Candy’s Session and Emilia Yang’s Keynote
Diversity, Equity,

and Inclusion,

Extended Reality,


Student Success


Monday, Dec. 5, 2022 Day 1
8 AM Light Breakfast, welcome, introductions (TS-PG6 100W1)
9:10 AM Keynote Speaker: Maya Georgieva (New School) “Story, Code, Ethics and Identity: Designing Inclusion in the Metaverse” (TS-PG6 105)
10:10 AM Designing Inclusion panel: Ana Serrano (OCAD), Jason Webb (Syracuse), and Jeff Chen (HP), moderated by Jenn Gebelein (FIU) (TS-PG6 105)
12 PM Lunch (TS-PG6 100W1)
1:10 PM Keynote Speaker: Kylie Peppler (UC Irvine) “Designing XR for Equity and Learning”  (TS)
2:10 PM Equity and Learning panel 1: Trina Fletcher (FIU), Randall Rode (Yale), and Juan Carlos Zaldivar (IND), moderated by Emmanuele Bowles (FIU) (TS-PG6 105)
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM Equity and Learning panel 2:  micha cárdenas (UCSC), Ana Herruzo (ASU), Emilia Yang (U Michigan), moderated by Biayna Bogosian (FIU) (TS-PG6 105)
4:35 PM Tech Demo with hands-on demonstrations of VR and software (TS)
6 PM Reception at FIU’s Frost Art Museum (FAM)
6:35 PM Group dinner (FAM)
7 PM Keynote Speaker: Martin Stier “Equity and Innovation in the Future of Higher Ed with HP” (HP) (FAM)


Video Archive   Link to Video of Maya Goergieva’s Keynote pt. 1

Link to Video of Maya Georgieva’s Keynote pt. 2

Link to Video of 10:10 AM Design Inclusion Panel

Link to Video of Kylie Peppler Keynote and 2:10 PM Equity and Learning Panel

Link to Video of 3:30 Equity and Learning Panel 2 and Martin Stier Keynote



Where are

we going?

Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022 Day 2
8 AM Cuban Breakfast  Stuart Candy, The Thing from the Future 2 (TS-PG6 105)
9 AM Keynote Speaker: Nafeesa Owens (White House OSTP/NSF) “A More Equitable STEM Ecosystem” (TS-PG6 105)
10 AM Equitable ecosystems panel 1: Braulio Colon (Helios), Jackie Skyrd (SPC), and Ted Wells (STEMConnector), moderated by John Stuart (FIU) (TS-PG6 105)
11 AM Equitable ecosystems panel 2: Miguel Alonso (Unity), Jessy Escobedo (Magic Leap), Denise Mendez (Microsoft), and Sultan Sharrief (Quasar Lab), moderated by Shahin Vassigh (FIU) and Steve Luis (FIU)
12 PM End
Afternoon options Tours of FIU MMC tech facilities: iSTAR, iCAVE, RDF Lab


Video Archive

Link to the video of Tuesday’s Session, Keynote, and Panels


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